Program Participants

design a tivity, llc

design a tivity is a graphic design studio that helps companies establish their brand and grow their business with marketing materials to websites and social media plans. We have taken an approach that is much different from the traditional design studio in regards to cost. We have developed a pricing structure that takes the guessing game out of cost and put the control back in the client’s hands. Please stop in Technology Village to see what the possibilities are for your company or even a sports club you may be part of.

James Vande Castle

Innovative Computer Professionals, Inc.

Innovative Computer Professionals (ICP) is a Veteran Owned Small Business providing custom software and database development, engineering, and technical project management services.


  • IT Project based development services
  • Agile Software Development Methodologies
  • Application development using Java and .Net frameworks
  • Database development and administration using Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL
  • Business application needs assessment
  • ADA Compliance for online and on-device applications
  • Computer networking
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Electronic Transaction Processing
  • PCI/DSS Compliance
  • Enterprise Web Sites and Content Management Systems (Desktop & Mobile)

Richard Beer

Brian Johnson

LocalVibe is an online platform that serves as an  intersection where USERS, looking for amazing deals, specials and events happening around them right now, meet BUSINESSES reaching out in real-time to people in their communities.

Users find information about businesses they might not think about, and businesses make users aware of their specials as they happen. Businesses also send out Vibes — announcements about spur-of-the-moment deals they are offering in real time to people in the area.

Mason Scholtes

Software of Things, Inc.

Software of Things, Inc. (SWoT) encompasses all things software and is the parent company of Delta Data, Inc. and Compliance Systems, Inc.  Delta Data, makers of award winning trust accounting and trust management software –  While current concentrations are in the trust accounting and payment industries, the company is constantly seeking custom software development projects, strategic partnerships, and acquisition opportunities that fit within our core competences and corporate culture.

Richard Beer, President
844-618-ICPI (4274)

WillWerks, Inc.

WillWerks was started as a custom software consulting company aiding hospitals and manufacturing companies with various scheduling and technology problems.  Since our inception, we have developed software products focused on registration for community education, before and after school child care and scheduling systems for youth sports associations.  Our software solutions span both Desktop and Cloud platforms and have touched more than 1.5 million people through the U.S. and Canada. 


Gifthorse is a simple, social, thoughtful eGifting and eCommerce platform where users discover, share, and fulfill their desires and the desires of one another while vendors make meaningful, positive and profitable connections with truly interested customers.  Gifthorse makes real gifting, real simple, for real people, and empowers vendors to make impactful impressions, increase demand pressures, and exponentiate ROI!

Jacob Mulholland
Founder & CEO