Program Participants

Innovative Computer Professionals
Innovative Computer Professionals (ICP) is a graduate participant who has been involved in the Technology Village program since March 1, 2013. ICP occupies 3,587 square feet of privately owned office space in the Village Commerce office building. ICP provides consulting services and solutions to the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and POS (Point-of-Sale) industry with specialization in gaming, card encoding/embossing, ATM/POS host systems, and PCI DSS compliance.

SWot is a Prior Lake company that was spun off from Innovative Computer Professionals (ICP) in November 2016. SWot provides consulting services and business solutions focused on Trust Accounting and Time Management Cloud based software.

Willwerks, Inc.
Willwerks, Inc. was formed in 2001 to provide custom application and database solutions. Willwerks has developed numerous solutions for customers around the world ranging from Data synchronization, shipment management, Mfg. Quality Assurance, E-Commerce, intranet web portals, extranet web portals, internet web portals and on and on.

iWMS Americas
iWMS Global is a global supply chain software company with offices in the Americas, New Zealand, South Africa and India. While it has a global footprint, its focus is local.

iWMS is focused on meeting client requirements by understanding each client's business needs, choosing appropriate solutions and quality assurances and matching products to those needs during the consulting phase of each new project.

The most successful organizations are finding ways to drive cost out of their supply chains while attaining perfect order execution and offering superior customer service. iWMS is uniquely positioned to support your company in making these changes by offering proven, industry-leading solutions from HighJump Software and testing from iWMS Quality Assurance.

Srinivasan Prasanna

Ion Concert Media
Ion Concert Media is one of the most exciting new developments in the world of live entertainment. Modern shows from local bar bands to international touring acts rely heavily on digital content including video projections, audio backing tracks, lighting programs, and more. Those digital assets are static - they always play the same way - and the live musicians on stage need to follow them to stay synchronized. Until now.

Ion Concert Media has developed Muséik - the world's first digital show control system that allows complete flexibility. It eliminates click tracks and introduces a new level of artistry for live shows of all types and sizes. Plus, the Ion Content Library offers the world's first Netflix® style library of pre-licensed and rentable digital show content. Visit for more information.

Mr. Zietlow is founder and CEO of ZIET, LLC. He is a professional engineer with degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and 33 years of process engineering experience. Mr. Zietlow has three patents, including one for synCCT™, short for Synthetic Coal Cycle Technology™.

For more information, contact Douglas Zietlow at

7 Minute Security
7 Minute Security ( is an information security consulting company focused on risk assessments, penetration testing and training. 7MS also produces a free weekly podcast ( focused on helping people lead more secure lives.