About Technology Village

Program History

In the fall of 2011, the Prior Lake Economic Development Authority (EDA) appointed a Technology Village subcommittee to assemble and organize human resources to establish a business incubator in the community, which was identified as a key objective of the EDA. After discussion and revisions, the EDA approved the business plan for the Technology Village Business Accelerator on July 2012.

Technology Village Photo
Technology Village space in the Prior Lake City Hall

Technology Village opened in January 2013 on the main floor of Prior Lake City Hall within a previously underutilized office space of approximately 2,000 square feet. The space consists of five hard-walled offices and a 775-square foot open office area to support three workstations. Program participants enter into a Lease Agreement with the City of Prior Lake EDA for a term of up to three years. Initiating the program in the existing city hall building helped minimize start-up costs and allowed for the shared use of services already in place serving City of Prior Lake staff, including; internet, phone, meeting space, cafeteria/break room, etc. The office space within city hall also provided the added locational benefit of allowing the program participants to be near city staff who administer the day-to-day program operations.

The Technology Village Board of Directors developed a ‘virtual’ participant program in 2016. The virtual program is designed to provide support to emerging technology and professional service businesses located in Prior Lake, or throughout Scott County, which are not physically located in the designated Technology Village space. The virtual program provides an opportunity for businesses, which may be home-based or are already established in an office space, to participate and benefit from the Technology Village Business Accelerator program.

Employment in Prior Lake has increased because of Technology Village. In September 2013 there were two employees associated with the program. This increased to 14 in September of 2014; 28 in September of 2015; 25 in September of 2016 and at 32 employees in September 2017.