Technology Village Prior Lake, MN

The Technology Village Business Accelerator program supports the growth of emerging technology and professional service businesses with a technology focus, within an entrepreneurial environment that encourages collaboration, fosters job creation and provides connections to local & regional resources.

Did you know that the 5-year survival rate for new businesses is around 50%? With incubation/acceleration services, this increases to 87%! Why not increase your chances for success by tapping into the Technology Village Accelerator resources?

City of Prior Lake City Hall Photo
City of Prior Lake City Hall


I have a business concept, live in, or plan to open my business in Scott County and...
...need a conducive environment and dedicated space to work on my business.
...need assistance in accessing financial programs and resources.
...would like assistance in starting a business and need business, legal and tax advice.
...I have a startup business, and would benefit from mentorship to help me get my company off the ground quicker